Dear Michael.
Thank you so much for hosting our wedding! Everyone thought you were fantastic and wonderful. Glen and I appreciate all you did to make our special day perfect for us.

Sincerely, Mary and Glen

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do you have?

I have over 25 years experience as a professional Disc jockey. In night clubs as well as private functions.

What kind of attire do you wear?

I wear a tuxedo. For less formal events I dress accordingly.

Do you play all styles of music?

Absolutely! I play everything: Big Band, Jazz, Dance, Disco, Oldies, Polkas, Rock, Alternative, Country, 80s retro, everything! Additionally, I believe the key to being a successful DJ is knowing how to weave in and out of the different styles of music. Often it is not the songs a DJ plays, but how he plays them, that makes the big difference.

Do you play requests?

Yes. I believe in playing your guests requests. If a request is inappropriate for the occasion, I will work with the guest to find something to their satisfaction.

Can we pick the songs that will be played at our party?

Absolutely! My goal is to provide you with the music that you want to hear. Some couples are very music oriented and will provide me with a long list of music to play. Others simply tell me what kind of music they like, and I go from there. I furnish you with a link to DJIntelligence which has my music database so you may form your playlist from there. We will have an opportunity to discuss the music in great detail and I will be sure to do it YOUR WAY. You are the boss!

What kind of equipment do you use?

As you might imagine, great sound is very important to me. I use only the best professional sound equipment. All music is played from a digitial computer system; I use a cordless hand-held Shure microphone, and high-quality Mackie speakers.

Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes! I couldn't imagine going to an event without back-up gear.

Do you provide props or special services?

I take pride in giving you a more traditional experience. so there are no props. I do provide Uplighting, which is a wonderful addition to any room.

Do you charge any hidden fees?

You will only be charged the amount on the contract. Period. I conduct business with 110% integrity!

Do you have videotape we can watch?

Yes. This is a great way to conveniently see exactly what I look and sound like. You may preview my DVD in the comfort of my home; please call for an appointment.

What is the best way to learn more about your DJ services?

While my DVD will give you a comprehensive look at my service, the best way to learn about my company is to call some of the establishments I have worked for in the past. They will paint a vivid picture for you! You will have an opportunity to find out in detail what it is like having me as your DJ.

Please call or e-mail if you should have any additional questions.